Private or Skype lessons with Jack.

Situated in Frankston just 2 minutes from Peninsula Link (which is free), Jack teaches from his home studio. A large studio space with 2 drumkits, and a Malletkat for mallet students, an assortment of percussion, and a leather couch for mum to sit on! A PA system is setup for playing along with click tracks and backing tracks, and all styles are taught. Raw beginners, weekend warriors, VCE and College students, pros - all are welcome!

This studio is setup for filming and recording drums and percussion, so we can easily film and record you playing drums, be it for fun, archival, audition, competition entry, or your latest Youtube cover!

Skype lessons.

Can't find a good local teacher? Travelling miles to your drum lesson? Bewildered by the 1000's of free online lessons? Both local and worldwide students can now get one on one lessons with Jack. Jack has a wealth of teaching experience; from teaching over 100,000 members, to private lessons, to private, public and select entry schools, through to Skype.

Jack's students have placed as high as 2nd in national drumming competitions, others have received music scholarships at top tier Universities, and he has produced A+ VCE & Trinity Guildhall students. Jack teaches from ages 7 and above, to students of any ability from raw beginner to seasoned pro.

Don't know what Skype is? It's a free video program that allows you to talk to someone else through the internet in real time. Download it here for PC and Mac. It's free to use, and it's free to use as it simply uses your internet connection to run.

  skype drum lessons jack bennett 

What do you need to get started?

* reliable internet - most people have this these days
* a computer, laptop or tablet (windows or mac) that you can set up near your drumkit - with Skype installed (free)
* a drumkit and sticks!
* fluent English. Sorry, we only speak English
* a desire to commit and improve

How much are lessons?

Lessons are $35US for a half hour lesson, paid in full, in advance (securely, via paypal or Minimum 2 lesson booking. Preference is given to on-going, weekly students. Ongoing students are booked at the beginning of the month.

You guys are in Australia, what is the time difference, and what are the available lesson times?

* available lesson times are in red



How does re-scheduling, cancellations or refunds work?

* If something comes up and you need to re-schedule your lesson, minimum 24 hours notice is required, or you forfeit that lessons fee. Please be aware that time availability is tight, having said that, we will make every effort to find a makeup time that suits.
* If you are a straight up no show for a lesson, you forfeit that lessons fee.
* If we have to abandon a lesson due to bad internet connection, we can re-schedule once, if the problem can't be resolved, we will refund 50% of the cost of that lesson, and 100% of the cost of any future lessons paid for, but not yet given.

How does the first lesson work? "I've never done this before!!"

Don't stress, it's all very easy, and in a couple of minutes you'll be having a great time and a few laughs! We will connect 5 minutes before the lesson time is due to begin, just to make sure everything is working, and we have our laptop/tablets in the correct positions. No extra charge for this. Remember, you need to set your device a good metre away from your drumkit so that we can see you, as well as being close enough that you can see us.

* In our experience, the picture below is a good distance. It's close enough that you can see us, and far enough back that we can see your full kit. Not too high. We find setting your device to the left of your hihat is the best angle, but we can work with the space you have.